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Membership Pausing

Each membership has its own pausing policy. We recommend you acknowledge this before purchasing a membership at Aimz Fitness.

Membership Suspension Conditions

Membership suspensions must be done by giving at least 30 days written notice prior to the pause start date.

If you need to place to your membership on hold sooner and cannot give 30 days notice there will be a charge of $20.00.

This can be done visiting the gym reception during normal staffed hours or if you are a Direct Debit customer you can call Debit Success directly on 0800 481 0400 during office hours. To avoid confusion and possible errors, we can not guarantee the actioning of pausing request via email or telephone. If you are a Direct Debit customer, your payments will be suspended for the duration of the pause.

Memberships cannot be paused retrospectively.


Paid In Full Membership Suspensions

If you have paid in full for a membership at Aimz Fitness the following membership suspension policies will apply;

3 Month Membership - 1 Week Suspension

6 Month Membership - 2 Week Suspension

12 Month Membership - 4 Week Suspension*


Note; 1 Month memberships do NOT allow for any membership suspensions unless a medical certificate is supplied, in which case your membership will be suspended for the period of time in which you cannot attend the gym. During your membership suspension your key tag will NOT allow you to access the gym until the end of the suspension period. If you would like to return to the gym sooner then you will need to contact us so your key tag can be re-activated. When you have a paid in full membership suspension the membership is extended by the period of time reletaive to the suspension. Your end date will be extended.


Pausing for medical reasons.

In addition to the standard membership pausing allowances. Aimz Fitness will allow extended pausing if you are unable to use the gym due to medical reasons including pregnancy. In order to action this we will require a note from your doctor advising on the period of time you have been advised to rest. Medical pausing can be done for no more then 12 months at which point the payments will resume or in the case of a paid in full membership, the term will continue towards expiry. If you are still unable to return to exercise after the maximum pausing period you will need to cancel your membership to prevent further payments being taken. Any outstanding payments including minimum term penalties will still be due at this point. Paid in full memberships are non refundable under any circumstances however the remaining term may be transferable to another person (fees and conditions apply).


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