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Frequently asked questions

Q. How much will my joining fee be?

Zero $! - At Aimz Fitness we do not charge a joining fee!

However, all members are required to purchase a 24 hour key tag ($29.95) when you first join. If you have been a member in the past and are re-joining then you can reuse your old key tag once you have purchased a new membership.

Direct Debit Weekly memberships also carry a one off payment establishment fee of $29.95 payable with your first instalment.

Q. How can I cancel my membership?

It's very straight forward to cancel any Aimz Fitness Pay Weekly membership.

We have a dedicated payment center on hand to deal with cancellation requests during normal office hours so you don't even need to visit the gym, the number is free to call (0800 481 0400).

All weekly memberships have a 10 day cancellation notice period.

There are no cancellation fees unless you signed up to a minimum term contract and in that case your cancellation fee will be $250.00 or 25% of what is left on the contract value (whichever is the lesser amount).

Your account will have to be up to date in order for you to cancel your membership.

Q. Can I pause my membership?

Aimz Fitness allows flexibility in your membership!

You can pause your membership for as long as you like as many times as you like. Please fill out the Membership Suspension Request form and will confirm your request within 48 hours.

The cost to pause your membership will be a one off fee of $1 per day paused no matter how long you choose to pause it for.

This will be effective from January 1st 2023.

There is no cost to suspend your membership if you can present a valid medical certificate.

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Still have questions?

Q. What Group Fitness Classes are included in the memberships?

Aimz Fitness currently run many classes per week. These are included for all members. We encourage our members to utilize the wide range of group fitness classes on offer to make the most of your membership.

Q. Can I bring a friend or guest to the gym with me?

Its against policy to allow gym access to any person who is not already a member. If you have a friend or relative visiting who would like to use the gym on a short term basis we offer a $20 per week casual rate - this is to be arranged prior to their attendance.  Members caught allowing non members into Aimz Fitness outside of staffed hours will have their membership terminated and charged a non-compliance fee of $180.00.

This is our most commonly asked question, probably because many incoming members have experienced over populated gyms that make training at peak times a challenge.

Aimz Fitness does have peak times, normally between 6-8pm weekdays, however even during these hours you will not find the gym overpopulated.

Further to this we limit our membership numbers to ensure our gym and classes have a boutique, private facility vibe.

Our layout, generous cardio equipment allocation and membership caps ensure you will rarely have to wait for equipment regardless of the time of day you train.

Q. What is the busiest time? Is it crowded?

Q. What is the minimum age I can join Aimz Fitness?

Q. I've never used a gym before, how do I start?

The youngest age we allow people to join our gym is 12 years old. 12 - 14 year olds must be accompanied by a member who is over 18 years old at all times while in our facility. This is for health and safety reasons. No children are allowed in our facility at any time.

We love to help our our members! This is why we offer a consultation and free personal training session to help you get started. To book your free session visit our trainers page. Alternatively you can watch a video link to all of our machines.

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Membership Suspension Request

Membership Suspension Request

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