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Need motivation? you've come to the right place.

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Accelerate your results with professional programming and guidance from one of our amazing Personal Trainers. Scroll down to view more details about our packages and our team.


Weekly 45 min PT session.

4 week exercise plan.

Training program.

Weekly assessments.

Nutrition support.

Pre & post fitness testing.

5 Week Challenge



Get serious about achieving your goals! This package includes 4  x 45 minute training session. take 1 per week or 4 in a week, Its all up to you!

Four Week Plan


Kick start your fitness journey with 2 x 30 minute personal training sessions. The one on one training experience will help promote good form, progression and consistency.

Kick Start Plan


One On One Training



Need something different? Just ask

Aimee Scott

Personal Trainer / Owner

Specialises in; Pilates, TRX & Strength Training for Well-being

Exercise and health is a way of life for me. From birth I had severe asthma, every time I did any physical activity I would need my inhaler. Our family doctor suggested as I get progressively fitter this would ease the symptoms of my condition. As I got fitter I was no longer scared of exercising and getting asthma. Today I no longer worry about using inhalers, I can push myself far beyond what I ever thought possible. I believe in functional exercise and movements that relate to everyday activities, no gimmicks or quick fixes. I also know that the right mindset, nutrition, rest and exercise are the best way to get results, so training with me will be about more than exercise!

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Spencer Plews

Personal Trainer

Specialises in; Yoga, Calisthenics and General Fitness

As a yoga teacher, personal trainer, black belt martial artist and calisthenics instructor, I believe in finding the right type of exercise that works for clients. Ranging from weight training and powerlifting to high intensity interval training and yoga, I believe my flexibility allows me to really cater to my clients needs, as well as leaving plenty of room for fun! I started studying martial arts 16 years ago and have obtained several medals, black belt and countless demonstrations. Along with this, I have developed my yoga practice and have obtained my teaching certificate, enabling me to teach very functional classes and movements which can enrich everyone's day to day lives.

More recently I have become a tutor at New Zealand Institute of Health and Fitness.

I am super passionate about clients health and well being, ensuring their maximum quality of life can be reached through training programmes, nutritional and fitness advice and fun in the gym. For consultations and more information contact me.

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Kathie Albertson

Personal Trainer

Specialises in; Weight loss, Exercise for beginners and General health.

My passion in Personal Training is for helping those who struggle with confidence, clients with Special Needs and anyone who needs to make huge lifestyle changes. My personal fitness story started after an injury had me battling with pain. After re-discovering running, and the focus of several half marathons, I became convinced of the power of exercise for wellness. Becoming concerned at my risk of osteoporosis led me to start a gym program - scary at first. It’s so good being strong that I believe everyone needs to do resistance training, especially older people.  

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Caity Wood

Personal Trainer

Hi I'm Caity, I graduated with a Level 4 & 5 Certificate in Personal Training from the NZ Institute of Health and Fitness. I also hold a degree in Psychology and Sociology.

I am passionate about well-being and place an importance not only on physical health but mental health as well. I am the type of trainer who focuses on how I can help my clients achieve their fitness goals plus find confidence and balance along the way.

I love seeing people thrive and grow and believe in themselves, and I will do everything in my power to help anyone I work with achieve that.

My sessions are usually tailored to general fitness, strength and flexibility and I like to incorporate HIIT training and yoga. If you'd like to train with me then get in contact today and we can do the first session free.

Email Me

Mobile: 021 142 2005

Saurabh Lamba

Personal Trainer

Hi, my name is Saurabh.

I completed my Certificate in Personal Training from the NZ Institute of Health and Fitness. I'm also doing a PhD in Medicinal Chemistry while working as a Personal Trainer at Aimz Fitness.

I have been interested in sports including taekwondo, hockey and cricket, from a very young age. More recently moving into powerlifting and a mixture of strength and hypertrophy training.

Training and nutrition can get overwhelming for most people with the plethora of information available, this is where I can help by using both my qualifications and the experience I have gained over time to simplify concepts to clients and subsequently assist them in achieving their goals.

I would welcome the opportunity to help you become a stronger version of yourself, both mentally and physically. Vheck out my Instagram page as I regularly post workout videos and tips @fit_rabh. For consultations, please contact me via the contact number above or on Instagram, the first session is always free.  

Contact Me

Mobile: 021 104 2635

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