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7 Day Trial

Need motivation? you've come to the right place.

Accelerate your results with professional programming and guidance from one of our amazing Personal Trainers. Scroll down to view more details about our packages and our team.

5 x 45 minute sessions


Our most popular package! A comprehensive guide for utilising exercise and other lifestyle habits to create a healthy life.

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or your doctor has recommended you exercise then this is the package for you....

This includes;

Health & Goals Consultation

Cardiovascular Fitness Test (before and after)

5 x 45 minute training sessions

Customised Exercise Plan

5 Week Movement Guide

Lifestyle Advice (Stress management techniques, nutritional support etc)

5 Week Challenge

4 x 45 minute sessions


Get serious about achieving your goals!

This package includes a health and goals consultation,  4 x 45 minute training sessions, customised exercise programme.

Over the 4 Weeks your personal trainer will teach you how to safely progress your training and produce the best results.  

Great for beginners or those who feel lost in the gym and need some direction and motivation.

Includes a health and goals consultation, 2 x 30 minute training sessions and a customised exercise plan to kick start your fitness journey.

Four Week Plan

2 x 30 minute sessions


Kick Start Plan


One On One Personal Training

Need something different? Just ask

Aimee Scott

Personal Trainer / Gym Owner

Email Me

Choose your Personal Trainer

Specialises in;

  • Pilates
  • Strength Training for Well-Being
  • Lifestyle Management  

I studied Fitness Training, Exercise Science and Business at AUT and have been in the fitness industry for almost 2 decades.

My passion for movement has been lifelong endeavor! From birth I had severe asthma, every time I did any physical activity I would need my inhaler. Our family doctor suggested as I get progressively fitter this would ease the symptoms of my condition. As I got fitter I was no longer scared of exercising and getting asthma.

From my own experience and understanding the science behind exercise, I know that movement and various lifestyle interventions can a positive impact for us.

I like to work with many types of clients including those who are new to the gym, want to gain strength, returning to exercise after an injury, have lifestyle issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure or want to improve their overall wellbeing.

Spencer Plews

Senior Personal Trainer

Specialises in; Yoga, Calisthenics and General Fitness

I have been a Personal Trainer and Yoga teacher at Aimz Fitness for the last 6 years. I also teach Calisthenics.

I believe in finding the right type of exercise that works for clients. Ranging from weight training and powerlifting to high intensity interval training and yoga, I believe my flexibility allows me to really cater to my clients needs, as well as leaving plenty of room for fun! I started studying martial arts 16 years ago and have obtained several medals, black belt and countless demonstrations. Along with this, I have developed my yoga practice and have obtained my teaching certificate, enabling me to teach very functional classes and movements which can enrich everyone's day to day lives.

I am super passionate about clients health and well being, ensuring their maximum quality of life can be reached through training programmes, nutritional and fitness advice and fun in the gym. For consultations and more information contact me.

Email Me

Nora Aweidah

Personal Trainer

Hi, I'm Nora. One of the Personal Trainers and Group Fitness Instructors at Aimz Fitness.

I recently graduated with a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation at AUT - majoring in Exercise Science and Nutrition.  

I'd love the opportunity to help you with your health and fitness goals. From general exercise and nutritional tips to customised workout plans or regular weekly personal training sessions, I’m always here to help. I’m very approachable and like to ensure my clients are well looked after while they are working with me.

I enjoy reading and walking my border collie Zac in my free time. I like to train at the gym and participate in group exercise classes.

Happy training, and I hope to see you around the gym!

Email Me

Mob: 021 120 2124

Kiani Taituha

Personal Trainer

When I was just 11 weeks old, doctors diagnosed me with a heart defect that required open-heart surgery. But that didn't stop me from pursuing my passion for sports throughout my life.

I love physical activity, especially in the gym. Over time, I've not only grown to enjoy staying active but also found a strong desire to help others on their fitness journeys. I find great happiness  in assisting people in achieving their fitness goals, witnessing their progress not only in their bodies but also in their overall lives, and building meaningful connections with each client.

My mission is to offer unwavering support and nurture a positive mindset that empowers you to reach your fitness dreams. Together, we can set realistic goals that will guide you toward improving your overall health, fitness, and well-being. Let's start this transformative journey together, one step at a time.

Mob: 027 444 6353

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Mansimran Kaur

Personal Trainer / Nutritional Advisor

Hello, My name is Simran Kaur.

I graduated from Auckland University of Technology with a  Bachelor of Sports and Recreation majoring in Exercise Science and Nutrition.

specialize in helping clients from all walks of life improve their lifestyle through nutritional guidance and exercise plans. Currently I'm offering several affordable packages to help you get the results you desire;

- 5 Week Healthy Fit Challenge

- 1 on 1 Personal Training

- Nutritional Meal Plans

- Body Challenge Workouts

Please don't hesitate to get in contact with me to ask any questions! I will make your Health and Fitness journey exciting and help you achieve results.

Mob: 028 422 6212

Email Me

Caitlyn Mathews

Personal Trainer

I have always played various sports, but my real fitness journey began after a horse riding accident that left my arm and elbow broken in several places. My long rehabilitation from this injury inspired me to help others on their rehabilitation and fitness journeys, leading me to study Occupational Therapy under a Bachelor of Health Science (final year) and to become qualified as a personal trainer through AUT. I have a passion for the gym and truly love the grind that comes with it. Whether you are looking for help with your fitness goals, or have an injury or impairment to work around, I can help you find the motivation and positive mindset needed to reach your desired fitness outcomes. In partnership, we can set realistic goals that will see you make steady progress towards your improved health, fitness and wellbeing.

Mob: 021571140

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