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What does Alert Level 3 & 4 mean?

Our gym cannot be open and operating under Alert Level 4 or Alert Level 3.

We plan to open under Alert Level 2 following Government and Exercise Association of New Zealand Guidelines.

We have spaced our machines apart at least 2m and marked places for participants to stand in the group fitness studio to ensure physical distancing. Extra hygiene practices will be enforced and QR Code Scanning will be mandatory. 


All memberships will continue to run unless you wish to request a membership suspension. We are a small business and kindly ask for your support to increase the chances of remaining in business during & after this difficult time but will completely understand if you wish to place your membership on hold.


If you wish to place your direct debit membership on hold then you will be required to call our membership management company on 0800 481 0400


If you wish to place your paid in full membership on hold you will need to email [email protected] with your full name. Once our suspension has been added we will send you an email confirmation.

- We do not accept phone or text message suspensions

- Membership suspensions will only be granted for the mandatory lockdown periods in which we have been required to close or if you have been required to self isolate due to visiting a location of interest.

All memberships will be re activated from when we re-open (Alert Level 2).

Your first payment will fall inline with your usual billing cycle however the initial payment amount may differ from your regular amount due to any part payments being due for the days leading up to the gym shutdown. Our payment partner Debit Success calculate these variations to ensure you do not pay for any days that your membership is suspended on. If you have any concerns about your billing amount you can contact our payment Centre directly on 0800 481 0400. A statement is available upon request.

What happens to my membership payments when the gym closes?

Will I need to book a time to use the gym when you open again?

When we open under Alert Level 2 - You can use the gym 24/7 anytime without booking. Aimz Fitness will be adhering to all alert level protocols imposed by the government and guidelines provided by The Exercise Association New Zealand.

You may be aware of the addition to alert level 2 conditions that limits gatherings to 10 people.  The Exercise Association of New Zealand has confirmed that neither exercise classes or the use of gym facilities are regarded as "gatherings" We are permitted to have more than 10 people in the gym or a class at any one time as long as physical distancing protocols are adhered to.



Your Questions Answered.

Will there be group fitness classes?

Yes. Group fitness classes will be taking place during Alert Level 2 & 1. As above we have physical distancing  measures, limit class numbers and avoid high contact class types in Alert Level 2.

At the end of each class participants must use the disinfectant spray and paper towels to wipe down all equipment.

There will be a 10 minute window between classes to ensure the studio is empty and clean before the next class starts and to ensure physical distancing is adhered to during class change overs.


Will I need to pre book for fitness classes?

Whilst class numbers are limited to 22 participants under alert level 2 we will not be running a class booking system. All classes will be filled on a "first in" Basis. The group fitness studio will be marked to ensure the appropriate physical distancing rules are adhered to.


How is physical distancing maintained?

We've been here before. Aimz Fitness re opened under alert Level 2 before so we are very prepared for gym life at this level. Physical distancing is maintained in group fitness classes by limiting numbers and marking participant positions on the floor. On the gym floor we reduced removed or repositioned cardio and strength equipment to ensure minimum distances can be adhered to.


Will I have to wear a mask at the gym?

1. Masks are to be worn when coming into and leaving  the gym. We also recommended you wear your mask when moving around the gym and going to the bathroom. Staff will be wearing masks when engaging with members but not when taking fitness classes.

2. Face masks may be any type: Fabric, N95 or surgical. We do not regard a t-shirt/scarf as adequate.

3. While masks are not mandated for those exercising (eg Group Exercise), they remain optional if clients/members wish to use their own. We do not recommend masks for clients that are sweating moderately or more (causing a damp mask). This is based on advice from the WHO.

4. Customers are also recommended to wear a mask at all times except when exercising, so when entering the facility, changing and walking between rooms.


What measures have Aimz Fitness put in place to provide reassurance for members?

Maintaining the highest level of hygiene and ensuring effective contact tracing are our  greatest defence against the spread of Covid-19. We have 3 hand sanitiser stations within the gym and 4 equipment cleaning stations. Our staff will follow an increased equipment cleaning schedule whilst continuing to educate and police members on the sanitisation of all equipment before and after use. In line with government regulations we will be display a business QR code so that members can register visits using the NZ Covid Tracer App. In addition to this our own membership access and CCTV systems keep an accurate record of who has visited the gym and when.


Auckland is currently at Covid 19 Alert Level 3. This means Aimz Fitness is NOT OPEN during this time. Please see our guidelines below for more details. The safety of our members and the wider community remains our number one priority.

Please follow our website and social media pages to stay up to date. We plan to reopen in Alert Level 2. Aimz Fitness will be adhering to all alert level protocols imposed by the government.

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