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No gimmicks here, the 6 Week Kick-Start is designed to encourage new lifestyle habits.

You're provided with all the tools necessary to create a healthy mind and body. We use a balanced and holistic approach to nutrition, strength based exercise programming and habit tracking for each week so you can self assess your current lifestyle choices, some of which maybe holding back your results.

Your motivation for this challenge may be to get fitter, stronger or to lose body fat but beyond these initial goals you'll learn the importance of calorie intake, progressive overload and being mindful of other lifestyle aspects which directly and indirectly affect your overall health and wellbeing.

Your chosen personal trainer will support you at all stages of the 6 Weeks.


You will be required to do 2x 45 minute 1 on1 Personal Training sessions per week. The times and days can be agreed on with your personal trainer before starting the 6 Week Kick-Start.

The attendance of the sessions combined with staying on track with your Log Book is fundamental to getting the most from this challenge.



The exercise component of our 6 Week Kick-Start is important but we really want to help you make optimal lifestyle choices which will assist you over a lifetime.

The Log Book will be given to you at upon sign up and each week your Personal Trainer will help you complete various parts of it.


- Goal Setting

- Results Checks

- Self Care Tasks

- Food Diary Tracking

- Workout Plans


What is the

6 Week


The 6 Week Kick-Start gives you all the tools you need to achieve!


There's an overwhelming amount of FAD diets and nutritional supplements being peddled out here - most of which do little more than empty your wallet and leave you feeling frustrated through lack of real results.

We understand there is a real need for something simple so we have implemented the use of a food log to help you and your trainer identify habits which could be contributing towards or against your goals.

Putting in the right fuel is an important element to success with your health and fitness goals. Staying on track with nutrition can often be far more challenging than the exercise so we've put together an easy tool to help you.



If your already a member of Aimz Fitness, the cost for the 6 week challenge is;

- 1 on 1 Personal Training Option = $90/week

This is limited to 10 people per trainer on a first in basis. You will get 2 x 45 Minute Personal Training Sessions per week customised to your individual goals. There will also be time each week to go over your log book with your trainer.

If you are not a member then you will be required to pay an additional one off membership fee of $99 at the start of the challenge. The membership will give you 24 hour access to the gym and all group fitness classes.



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